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Lapidary T-Shirts and Gifts

The best Lapidary t-shirts and gifts on the market!

After seeing the lack of awesome rockhound t-shirts and gifts I thought I would make one that any stone-cutting hobbyist or professional would love.

This cool lapidary graphic shows the process that is used to cut gemstones and rocks to make cabochons-shaped stones.

This would make a great gift for your stone cutter artist.


Lapidary Soft and Lightweight T-Shirt
Men’s Lapidary Heavyweight Tee
Women’s Lapidary Relaxed T-Shirt
Unisex Hoodie Lapidary Sweatshirt
Lapidary Mug
Large organic Lapidary Tote Bag
Lapidary-Grind-It graphic t-shirt design
Lapidary T-Shirt
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