Lortone tumblers – How to use and mix the solution.

Lortone Tumbler Tools List

Lortone tumblers
Lortone tumblers

Hello everyone,

I wanted to show you a tumbler that I use on a regular basis. This tumbler is great for polishing metal parts or for burnishing down newly cast pieces of jewelry.

If you are working on a piece of jewelry and it has parts that are difficult to reach with a polishing wheel this may be what you have been waiting for. These tumblers use a variety of polishing media. The tumbling media is used to burnish or polish the metal.

I recommend using stainless steel shot when tumbling silver or gold. If I am fabricating pieces I often will tumble all the parts and then solder them together after they look polished. After the soldering I will usually tumble again.

Tumbling helps to get into all the small places where a polishing wheel can’t reach.

If you are casting you can use the tumbler to clean up the cast piece. The steel shot will burnish the metal, helping to hide any porosity that may have occurred during the casting process.

Link to the stainless steel shot 

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Here is a video on how to mix the solution and use the tumbler.


I have links below to the tumblers and the polishing solution. 

Here are a couple of tumblers I recommend. The Lortone brand is a high quality tumbler that can run for hours on end and lasts for years. The belts have to be replaced every once in a while but that is to be expected.

Here are some links to these tumblers. Happy hunting! 🙂

Lortone 45C Rock Tumbler (45C Tumbler)

This is a good size for tumbling stones and metal items such as rings, earrings and bracelets. The drum is large enough to accommodate most jewelry and craft items.

  • Lortone 45C Rock Tumbler features a molded-rubber 10-sided barrel. Steel body is strong and stable.
  • Dimensions: 6.5L x 10.25W inches.
  • Tumbler weighs about 9 pounds.
  • 4-pound capacity.
  • Made in the USA. Lortone quality is backed by a one-year warranty from themanufacturer.

Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler

This is a smaller version of the 45c. The drum holds 3lbs. This is considered the economy version.

  • Weight: 5 lbs One year warranty
  • Tumbler dimensions: 9-1/4 x 5-3/4 x 2-1/2
  • Barrel dimensions: 4-3/4H x 4-1/2 Diameter
  • Model 3A tumbler with a simple 3 lb. capacity barrel offers the user economy andperformance
  • Designed for years of trouble free service, the 3A is a real workhorse. The barrel ishard rubber that minimizes noise and the durable motor will last for years. Simple to operate and UL approvedBe sure to check out Ebay for more Lortone tumblers. I havefound some good deals over the years.

    Here is a link to the tumblers

    If you are using the tumbler for stones I recommend using the small to large ceramic pellets with your grit.

    If you are using the tumbler for metal I recommend using steel shot with Sunsheen burnishing solution mixed with water. Check Rio Grand Supply for the Sunshine.

    If you would like the tool list for the tumblers click here.


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