Bezel Setting Tool List For Bench Jewelers

bezel setting
Bezel setting

Hello! Here is my list of tools for bezel setting gemstones. These are the same tools I used in the video Bezel Setting Like a Pro!. I have attached Amazon links to these products. You do not have to buy them from Amazon though I do find it helpful to compare prices and different manufacturers.

If you do buy from my Amazon links it does help to fund the information on this site and keep it coming. Always look for the best quality in your tools as well as a good price. I also encourage my students to make some of your own tools if possible like the chasing tools which are made from steel nails.

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Anyway here is the list. If you have any questions please send me a note or comment below.



  1. Ultrasonic cleaner – The ultrasonic cleaner is a machine that heats and sends ultrasonic waves through the water. This is an excellent way to clean jewelry and many other things. During the polishing of silver and gold the polishing compound can build up on the metal and stones. The ultrasonic will help to remove most of the compound. I often use a toothbrush in conjunction with the ultrasonic.
  2. Chasing hammer – This is a great chasing hammer. I have a few of them! I have one for setting stones and the others I keep high polished for working on metal. I have used the same ones for years without any problems. The weight is nice for working on silver and gold- not too heavy and not too light. The hammer I use weighs around 3.2oz and the length is around 10 – 11 inches.
  3. Foredom flex-shaft – If you don’t have one of these in your shop you are missing out. If I had my way I would install them in the kitchen, the garage, in my car….you get the idea. The Foredom can grind, polish, hammer, drill and the list goes on. I use them every day I am in the shop.
  4. Benchmate – The Benchmate is one of those tools I wish I had invested in early on. It’s one of the best ways to hold a ring while doing setting and engraving. The different size sleeves make it easily adaptable to many finger sizes. Simply find the sleeve that fits and tighten. Now you are ready to do your work.
  5. Setting burs – These are the burs I use to cut seats for my stones. There are many manufacturers of this product and most are good. The trick with the burs is to run them at a low RPM. If you get them going too fast they heat up and become dull. Nice and slow wins the race. Use bur life with them to lubricate and extend the life of the burs. I would recommend getting a set of burs that rang from 1mm – 5mm. That will give you a good start for setting most stones.
  6. Chasing tools – The chasing tools are made of hardened steel. They are used to create patterns and push metal. I use them to push the side of the bezel over my gemstones. You can make them or buy them.
  7. Bur life – This is a waxy substance that helps to lubricate the burs and improve cutting.
  8. Needle files – I like these for filing the top of the bezel to create the beveled edge. A #2 to #4 work pretty well. Try not to use a file with aggressively coarse teeth. You can spend anywhere from $10 – $300. I would start with something in the $20 range. That should be fine.

If you haven’t viewed the video you can find it here. Video Link


Thanks again for your support.
Have fun and always wear protective glasses and take precautions to prevent injuries.

All the best, Michael Seiler

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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