Torch Tool List For Bench Jewelers

This is my tool list for the jewelers torch and related tools.

Smith Mini Torch – I have been using these torches for nearly 22 years. They have a variety of different tips for small flames as well as larger flames. I have used it with gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For the money it my top pick. SMITH MINI TORCH

Regulators – This is used for regulating the flow of gasses to the torch. They are essential component to your torch. You can also find regulators at your local welding store. Just google welding supplies. They should be able to hook you up with regulators and maybe a jewelers torch. Rio Grande is another place you can check for torch supplies. Here is there listing description.

Smith Non-Gauge Regulator for Disposable Oxygen Tank
Smith Non-Gauge Regulator for Disposable Propane-MAPP Tank

Solder pick – The solder pick is what you use to pick up the solder and apply it to your solder seam. I like this type. It has a tungsten pick that stays clean during soldering. SOLDER PICK

Soldering tweezers – Soldering tweezers are used to hold your project during soldering. I usually use at least two during soldering. One to hold the project and the other to hold the first tweezer to the soldering pad. SOLDERING TWEEZERS

Soldering Pad – The soldering pad is where you will do most of your work. It is a heat resistant pad that you can solder or anneal your metal on. I like one around 12’’x 6’’ or 12’’x 12”. You can always cut them down to a different size, which is nice. SOLDERING PAD

Soldering board – The soldering board is a hard surface that is used for heating solder. The solder is heated until it becomes the shape of a sphere. It can then be transported by picking it up with a solder pick. SOLDER PICK

Flux – Flux is the liquid or paste that helps the solder to flow. It is applied to a solder seam in a ring for instance. As the ring is heated the flux enters the seam at with point the solder is applied. If all goes well the solder will flow into the seam as well. FLUX

Boric acid – Boric acid is used during the soldering process to coat the metal. This coating protects the metal from fire scale. The boric acid is mix 1:1 with isopropyl alcohol. See my blog post on Annealing for more information. BORIC ACID

I hope this list helps to get you started with your torch work.

As always take safety persuasions when working with a torch and pressurized gasses.

For more info on jewelry techniques check out the blog.

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