Jeweler’s Saw Frame and Blades – (How to make the perfect solder seam for your jewelry projects)

Jeweler’s Saw Frame and Blades – (How to make the perfect solder seam for your jewelry projects)

Jeweler’s saws are probably the number one item that most jewelers and crafters buy first. Here is a little trick for using the saw to get a perfect seam for soldering.

Why is this important?

Let’s say your are making a ring. You have bent your metal stock into a circle and now you have two ends that need to be soldered.

If the two ends don’t match exactly it can create a weak seam if soldered. Gaps in the seam should not be filled up with solder.

The seam will need to be filed and cleaned up so that the two ends meet perfectly.

But if you are having a difficult time getting the two ends to meet I have a trick using a jeweler’s saw that will help.

If you can get your seam just a little close to meeting you can run a saw blade through the seam and make both ends fit together perfectly.

You will need to know how to set up you saw frame and blade properly. Here is a video that will walk you through the process.

Below are links to tools that I used in this video. (Full disclosure- these are my affiliate links and I will receive a small percentage at no extra cost to you. This helps to pay for this site and I thank you for your help to keep this information coming.)

Barrette File #2

This is the file that I recommend for cleaning up seams or just general filing. The barrette file has teeth on only one side and is smooth on the other. This helps to prevent accidental cutting on the wrong side of your project.

File Handle

These files do require you to order a handle.

Jeweler’s Saw Frame

There are lots of different saw frames out there but in truth I use a economy brand. The basic design of the frames are typically the same.

The main importance of the frame is how well it will hold the tension of the blade.

If the blade loses tension it has a tendency to wander in directions you may not have anticipated.

This is usually the fault of the user but every once in awhile the thumbscrew can become loose or stripped. That being said, I haven’t any real issues with the saw frames.

Rules to follow when using the saw frame.

  1. Make sure your saw frame is adjusted to the just half an inch smaller than the saw blade. You can play with this by adjusting to get just the right length for you. You just need enough space to be able to grab a little bit of each end of the blade.
  2. When attaching your blade to the frame attach one side first. Make sure the teeth of the blade are pointed away from the frame. Example- if you are holding the saw frame in your right hand with the frame at the top and the handle at the bottom, the sharp part of the blade should point to the outside and the teeth should point down. While in use the blade should always cut on the down stroke.
  3. When attaching the other side of the blade apply a small amount of pressure to the frame from the top and the bottom. Think of it as compressing a spring. Attach the other side of the blade. When you release the frame from the pressure the blade will become very tight and that is what you want. A wobbly blade is bad.
  4. If you have any questions watch the video. You will get it.

Saw Blades 2/0

Don’t be cheap when buying the saw blades.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying poorly made blades and having them not cut or break non-stop.

The Pike Swiss brand is good! They stay sharp and if used properly will last a long while. My favorite size is the 2/0. I use them for sizing rings, piercing and fabricating.

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