Free 'How To' lapidary basics PDF

North House Folk Schools – Free PDF – Agate Cutting Class – On The Rocks!

I spent the last week up north in Grand Marais, Minnesota teaching two stone cutting classes back to back at the North House Folk School. What a great couple of groups! I have offered this class a few times and it continues to develop and get better and better. The classes both cut jaspers, agates and petrified dinosaur bone. Here are a few photos of the cabochons they made. I can’t wait to do it again!


If you are interested in cutting stones or would like a FREE PDF of the “how to” steps of cutting a stone, stone hardness scales and more, click the link and DOWNLOAD the file. It’s free!




Lapidary Steps
Lapidary Steps

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the North House Folk School’s classes please do. Grand Marais, MN is a beautiful back drop to take classes. Here is a link to the school.  Click the photo below

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